Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Motorcycle Compression test

Question: What did you use to do a compression test on your motorcycle.
Answer: First you will need a Compression Tester kit.

Question: Can I have a look of the inside of the kit?

Answer: Yes, it has 3 different sizes and 3 adjustable parts.

Question: Which one did you use?
Answer: I checked the threads of spark plug to match with the other threads of the hose.

Question: I'm guessing it goes in the spark plug hole?
Answer: Yes it's that simple just plug it in there, make sure it's tight but not to much.

Question: What's next?
Answer: Now you connect the other part to be able to see the amout of compression it has.

Question: How do you make that needle go up to see how much compression the engine has?
Answer: This is the easiest part, just hit the starter or have someone hit the starter and you'll see the needle go up. My bike has high pressure which is great, it reached 150 which is good because the PSI (Pound per Square Inch) should be between 142-199 PSI


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