Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2008 Suzuki GZ250 Head Gasket Replacement

Question: What do you have here?

A: Well to start off, this is my 2008 Suzuki GZ250 motorcycle. It looks beautiful compare to how it was before. I got everything painted even the engine. I want to show you how to disassemble the engine to get the head gasket off, with the help of my teacher Mr. Grosinger. I have a blown head gasket so I will show you some steps on how to get the head gasket replaced.

Question: What is the first thing you did?

Answer: The first thing i did is i inserted the  motorcycle key inside where the arrow is pointing in the picture in order to take the seat off.

Question: Does the tank have to be taken off?
Answer: Yes, take the tank off.  First you have to take the two screws off.

Question: What else is needed to take the tank off?
Answer: Now you have to unplug the hose and make sure the fuel cock is shut off so the gasoline won't come out.

Question: Ok, after you diconect the fuel, what is next?
Answer: Next you will remove the cylinder head cap cover. Yes they will have to come off with these special tools.

Question: Ok...  After the cover is off, you see the Valve cover.  How do you take that off?
Answer: Okay so first take the screws shown in this picture.

Question:What's next?

Answer: Well you have to take the head cover screws off and the other side as well.

Question: the valve cover is ready to be taken off?
Answer: Yes, as shown above in the picture where the arrows are pointing, you must take them off to take a screw off that's inside there.

Question: How do you take it off?
Answer: Use a wrench size 10.

Question: Can the head cover be taken out now?
Answer: You have to take the black circle as shown in the picture where the arrow is pointing at and make sure to have paper or a towel or something to clean because there is a small amount of oil there that could spill a little bit. After you have done that there's more before you can take the head cover off.

Question: What's next?
Answer: You have to take the spark plug off.

Question: Did you take the exhaust off?
Answer: Yes, you must remove the two screws in order to take the head off.

Question: Can I take off the head off?
Answer: No, you won't be able to because there's a screw on the side you must take off.

Question: Will the other screw have to come off as well?
Answer: Yes,you need to take it off.

Question: Is it true the cam chain adjuster doesn't have to be taken off?
Answer: The cam chain adjuster has to be taken off to loosen the chain.

Question: Did you take the carburator off?

Answer: Yes I did, first take the screw off on each side as shown in the picture in order to loosen the carb.

Question: Did you take the carburator without taking the choke cable out?

Answer: I took it off, but be careful because the carburator has a bit of gasoline so it will spill as you turn the carb in order to take the choke cable off.

Question: Now that the carburator is off, am I ready to take off the head cylinder?
Answer: Yes. You can take the cover off and now take out these screws shown in the pictures.

Question: Whats next?
Answer: You have to take the camshaft gear off by taking these screws off carefully. Make sure they don't fall down, if possible put a shirt under just in case the screw falls down.

Question: Before taking the gear off, won't the chain fall inside? Is it okay for the chain to fall?
Answer: What I did was that I put a screw driver to hold the chain as shown in the picture. Then you take out the shim, be careful not lose the shim, it's the one shown in the second picture where the arrow is pointing.

Question: Won't the chain fall when I lift the head cylinder off?
Answer: It's seems difficult but it's very easy. If possible have another screw driver ready to put under the head cyclinder. As the diagram I drew above, you put a screw driver under the head cylinder so the screw driver catches the chain when you lift the head cylinder up and take it off.

Question: Is the head gasket ready to be replaced?

Answer: Finally the head gasket can now be taken out to be replaced with the new one. Now lift the head gasket a little bit, just enough so you can put the screw driver under to hold the chain.

Question: Do you have a picture of the new head gasket on?
Answer: Yes I do, as you can see the head gasket has been replaced.


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  3. Thank You for sharing such a useful post.Gasket is very important.

  4. this is not complete because now what we just put it all back together we don't have no gasket sealer we don't add any kind of gasket to the cover

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